Everyone is a scholar. many are just trapped in a lazy person's body.

Writer's Block: World Vegetarian Awareness Month
What's your favorite vegetarian meal?

The Yummiest vegitarian dish I have yet to meet is Noodles & Company's Indonesian Peanut Saute. So very tasty with a ginormus kick to the taste-buds.

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Don’t leave me

        standing on the

            roof-top edge,

        awaiting the last

            sunrise I will ever see.

    Pull me down,

        hold me tight,

            never to let go.

else I’ll jump at dawn.

(no subject)

I try not to show

    the tears falling,

        for reasons known

        and unknown.

    Won’t you dry them

        and chase them away?

    Comfort me when there’s no one else?

This is my cry.

    Will you answer?

(no subject)

Save me

    from life,

    from death,

    from hate,

    from love,

    from fear,

    from anger,

    from happiness,

Save me from it all,


    when it becomes too much.


(no subject)

would someone please explain

  this emptiness I feel?

      the losing of something that

          isn’t there to be lost?

      the broken heart when nothing

          has caused the heart to break?

‘cause I don’t understand,

      and its tearing me apart.

(no subject)

today I woke up and knew-

          something was wrong.

      I felt it.

          the proverbial punch in the stomach

              the ripping out of my heart

                  to have it tossed on the floor,

                      shattered and trampled.

      it was losing you

          my best friend

          my other half

          my twin.

when I lost you, I lost myself.

      forever alone

      forever broken

      forever incomplete.





to brandE; may the dream that created this never come true

Writer's Block: Me 10 Years Ago
How would your best friend have described you ten years ago? What about today?

back then, it would have been, "who are you talking about? jemovampiress? never met 'em."
now however, it's more like, "ahh jemovampiress. now there is some good times"
but you'd have to ask 'er for sure 'cause i'm just guessing.




It’s like a slow poison,

      burning from the inside out

          lungs on fire – I can scarcely breathe.

      rushing through my veins,

          eating me alive.

That’s how much I love you –

      enough to kill me.




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